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About X4D® Motion EFX Technology

The X4D® Motion EFX Technology was created by MediaMation, Inc., an entertainment systems integrator specializing in interactive attractions technology. Based in the U.S., MediaMation has been a worldwide leader in the attractions industry for over twenty years, providing creative products and solutions for interactive shows, attractions, rides, exhibits, and 4D/5D theater environments. And now they are bringing their expertise to the cinema marketplace with the launch of the X4D® Motion EFX Cinema Seat Series.

X4D® Motion EFX Cinema Seats

Following the success of their 4D/5D attraction seats, X4D® Motion EFX Cinema Seats are designed with 2 Degrees of Freedom (forward, back and side tilts) and built-in seat transducers, perfectly programmed to simulate the exact movement that you see on the screen. Additional seat effects such as pokers, neck ticklers, and air blasts can provide a fully interactive experience; and for a completely immersive environment, atmospheric effects such as mist, snow, wind and even scent will add a 5th dimension to the movie-going experience.

The motion is driven from a small computer system that ties into the digital cinema server and projection system, keeping the motion open to ALL films. MediaMation’s expert programmers, utilizing our award-winning ShowFlow™ software, work with content providers and studios in creating the perfect “motion” picture experience.

X4D® Motion EFX Attraction Seats and Theaters

X4D® Motion EFX Attraction Seats provide real 1, 2 or 3 degrees of freedom (DOF) motion base action, coupled with the latest 4D special effects and 5D movement.

  1. Standard effects include:
    front air blasts, front water spray, neck blasts, leg tickler and seat transducers/rumblers.
  2. Optional in-seat effects include:
    under seat poppers, back pokers, scent.
  3. Atmospheric effects include:
    wind, rain, snow, bubbles, fog, strobing, and special effect lighting.

X4D® Motion EFX theaters are customized to fit any venue large or small, featuring single or dual projection 3D, with standard, large or panoramic screens.

X4D® Motion EFX Home Entertainment Seats

More information coming soon.